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For Young Adults
Ages 18-35

It's often true that after graduating high school, many young people feel disconnected from their church because they never built relationships with people outside of their youth group, or maybe they have moved away from family/friends for college or work and feel displaced- when this happens it's easy to slip away from their faith due to lack of godly relationships. We want to change that!


We want to see young adults Accelerate in their faith rather than drift away. We highly encourage our young adults to attend our main services and we instruct our congregation to seek these young adults out, to build relationships with them. Our young adults currently meet for fellowship on Sunday nights once a month for spirit-nourishing bible study, encouragement, guidance for their walk with Jesus, and also a fun activity (movie, bowling, mini-golf, cookout, etc.) where they can build friendships. Accelerate is led by Carol Vincent. See our newsletter to find out what the young adults are up to this month.

Study group
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